Save Cash Using your Competitors' Money

What is barter? Barter is a marketing and cash management tool, and IMS Barter can help your business save cash using your competitors’ money!

How is that possible? IMS provides members a strong incentive to do business with one another. Members will go out of their way to buy from you because you make it convenient for them to pay. Unlike your competitors, you’ll accept an IMS Barter Card instead of cash or credit cards, so you’ll take business away from them and increase your market share.

When you use trade dollars to buy products and services from other IMS members, it’s your turn to save cash. While you can’t use trade dollars for your mortgage or utilities, you’ll find a variety of ways to benefit your business and improve your standard of living…things like:  Advertising, Gifts, Printing, Auto Maintenance, Legal and Accounting services, Clothing, Website and Internet services, Furniture, Janitorial services and equipment, Vacations, Health, Vision and Dental care.

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